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Video from Bangladesh goes viral as Muslims destroying puja pandals in West Bengal

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A video of people destroying puja pandal while others in the background are speaking Bengali has gone viral on social media. The caption associated with the post hints that the viral video is from West Bengal where Muslims have destroyed Puja Pandal.

The caption associated with the video reads, “बंगाल में दूर्गा पूजा पांडालों में इस्लामिक आतंकियों ने उपद्रव और तोड़-फोड़ की! लखीमपुर की घटना पर घाघरा उठाकर नाचने वालीं दौगली मीडिया कहां हैं..??भारत का बहुसंख्यक समाज अपने पर्व और त्यौहार मनाने पाकिस्तान जाएं…??” (Which translates in English as, “Islamic terrorists riot and vandalize Durga Puja Pandals in Bengal! Where is the double-faced media who danced on the incident of Lakhimpur..?? Majority of India’s society go to Pakistan to celebrate its festivals and festivals…??)

Source: Screenshot/Facebook

The link to the above post can be seen here and its archive can be seen here.

The post was also shared on Twitter.


The link to the post can be seen here and its archive can be seen here.


The link to the post can be seen here and its archive can be seen here.

FactO Check:

On breaking the video using the InVid tool and doing a Google Reverse Image Search with one of keyframes, and found the same video was uploaded by a Twitter user on October 16, 2021, with the caption that reads, “Noyakhalite hamla চলছে। সবাই একটু সাহায্য করেন নাহ!!!! ” (English translation, “Noyakhalite attack continues. Not everyone helps a little !!!!”) The caption was shared with the caption that reads, “#BangladeshiHinduWantSafety

Taking a cue we searched with the keyword, “Noyakhali attack” and found multiple media reports that suggest violence broke out in Noyakhali, Bangladesh, where a mob attacked the ISCKON temple.

Times of India had also published a video on October 16, 2021, which has a snippet of the viral video. The video was shared with a title that reads, “Anti-Hindu violence in Bangladesh: After attack on Noakhali temple, ISKCON asks PM Modi to talk to Hasina.”

We also found that Radharam Das, the spokesperson and the Vice-President of the ISKON temple,  also tweeted the video with the caption that reads, “Just few hours back today, around 500 Muslim mob gathered outside @iskcon  Temple in Naokhali and they broke Deities inside ISKCON temple and set temple on fire. They also destroyed Durga Devi in front of ISKCON Temple. Our devotees fought: many r critical.”

Conclusion: Hence, a video of ISKCON temple vandalisation in Bangladesh has gone viral as Muslim mob vandalising puja pandal in West Bengal. Therefore, the viral claim is fake.




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