Video of a girl caught carrying a pistol in UP shared with communal spin

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A video showing a woman police personnel recovering a gun from a girl is doing the rounds on the social media platforms with a claim that the Uttar Pradesh police caught a Muslim teacher carrying a gun in Manipuri.

However, we found that the claim of the Muslim identity is false. The girl in the video has been identified as Karishma Yadav who was nabbed by the Uttar Pradesh Police in Mainpuri on Tuesday, 12 April.

The video is in circulation with the caption that reads: “UP : मैनपुरी में जींस में तमंचा लगाकर घूम रही एक मुस्लिम शिक्षिका को पुलिस ने दबोचा है।”

(Translation: UP: In Mainpuri, a Muslim teacher was caught by the police, who was roaming around in jeans.)

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

Several users on Twitter and Facebook have claimed the same.

FactO Check:

Using the relevant keywords we searched about the incident and found a report published by Dainik Bhaskar on 13 April, according to the Hindi newspaper, the girl in the police investigation has admitted her name as Karishma and is a resident of South Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh.

She also told the police that she owns a good amount of property inherited from her parents who have died.  She fears that she will be murdered, therefore, she carries the gun.

Aaj Tak also reported the same stating that the girl fears being killed by her relatives who want to usurp her land.

Some of the media outlets reported that the girl is a teacher and that claim also turned out to be false. In a tweet, Manipuri police clarified that the girl is not a teacher.

Fact-checking website, Boom reached out to Ajay Kumar, Superintendent of Police in Mainpuri, his office clarified that the girl is neither a Muslim nor a teacher.


With the above findings, it is evident that the claims along with the video are false and misleading,

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