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Video of a rally from Karnataka linked with the recent communal incident of Rajasthan’s Karauli

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A video showing a mob in front of a mosque waving saffron flags with a loudspeaker playing out religious songs and slogans is in circulation with a claim of it being from  Rajasthan.

The claim comes against the backdrop of a communal incident that took place on Saturday, 9 April, in Karauli, Rajasthan. According to news reports, a bike rally passing through a Muslim-dominated area was pelted with stones because rallygoers had provoked the locals by making incendiary remarks.

We verified that the video is of a cycle rally but from Karnatka led by MP of Bengaluru South, Tejasvi Surya.

The caption along with the video reads: “Where are the so-called champions of Human Rights when houses of Muslims are being burned in India #Karauli #Karauliviolence” (Archive)

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

Other social media users also shared the video with a similar claim.

FactO Check:

Using the InVID WeVerify Google Chrome extension, we extracted the keyframes of the video and reverse image searched a few of them.

The result led us to an Arabic article published on 31 March on the website Al Jazeera Mubasher.  The article carries the keyframe image from the video and also an attached tweet carrying the same video from an Independent journalist, Mohammed Irshad H.

Irshad reports that the video is of a cycle rally from Bangalore to Kolar organised by Tejasvi Surya on 27 March. And when the rally reached Hussain Makan Masjid in Kolar, they stopped there and started making a “nuisance”.

The communal clash in Karauli, Rajasthan happened on 2 April, and Irshad tweeted the video on 29 March reporting it to be from 27 March, therefore, it’s evident that the video is not of the incident from Rajasthan’s Karauli.

For further corroboration, we checked the image of Hussain Makan Masjid on Google Map and compared it with the image of the Mosque in the video.


With the above findings, it can be concluded that the claim made along with the video is misleading.

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