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Video of group clash from Delhi shared as revenge against accused from Loni incident

Written by Vamc Vadranam

Uttar Pradesh police have arrested five accused on Wednesday after a video of them assaulting an elderly man and chopping off his beard in Loni went viral.  The victim Abdul Samad Saifi in a different video claimed that the accused have forced him to chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and ‘Vande Mataram’. However, UP police have ruled out the communal angle in the incident and registered FIR against Twitter for failing to flag manipulated media. Ghaziabad police also booked some journalists and politicians for sharing the video (with no sound) without verifying facts and disrupting peace between religious communities.

Now, a video of a large group of people entering into a building and dragging out three men and beating them with sticks mercilessly is viral on social media and WhatsApp with a claim that one of the accused in the Loni incident was caught and the public punished them. FactO News also received multiple requests on its WhatsApp helpline to verify the video.

Image Source: Facebook

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FactO Check:

A reverse image search of some keyframes of the video directed us to multiple reports on Facebook about the incident by Delhi based media outlets. Two Facebook pages ‘The Nation Voice and ‘Bharat News 91have uploaded the same video on June 13 with the caption ‘दिल्ली जहांगीरपुरी में मच गया शोर, पकड़ो-पकड़ो मारो-मारो आ गए चोर.
सब्जी बेचने वाले से रंगदारी वसूलने आए 3 लोगों को भीड़ ने पकड़ा, लाठी-डंडों से जमकर की पिटाई  (In Delhi Jahangirpuri, he mob caught 3 people who came to collect extortion from the vegetable seller, beating them fiercely with sticks)’

We also found a report by NDTV on the same incident. According to the report, the three recovery persons went to a vegetable seller in Jahangirpuri to extort money. After the vegetable vendor pleaded for help, the locals started thrashing the three fiercely.

Inspector CP Bhardwaj of Jahangirpuri police station has confirmed to India Today that the incident took place in Jahangirpuri. ‘This incident took place in our jurisdiction. Three men from Wazirabad, who are into recovery business, came to Jahangirpuri and started threatening locals. They also entered some houses. This resulted in a clash between locals and them. We arrested eight people, including three recovery agents‘ said Bhardwaj.

Conclusion:  Three recovery agents from Wazirabad have threatened locals in Jahangirpuri which resulted in a clash between them. The clash has nothing to do with the Loni incident.

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