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Video of police thrashing protesters in Uttar Pradesh shared as from Karnataka

Written by Md Mahfooz Alam

A video is being circulated on social media platforms with the claim that the police is thrashing Hijab clad women protestors in Karnataka. In the viral video, police can be seen thrashing a few women dressed in Hijab.

However, we found the claim is misleading and the video is from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Since the Hijab controversy broke out in Karnataka over Muslim girls being denied entry into colleges wearing Hijab, there have been many fake claims doing the round on social media. Facto News has debunked three such fake claims. The fact-check of those claims can be read here, here and here.

Muslim girls have filed petitions in the Karnataka High court challenging the Hijab ban in colleges in the state. The court has ordered an interim ban on religious dress in colleges and is hearing the case.

We received the video on our WhatsApp helpline to verify the claim being made along with it. The claim reads: “ये मीडिया कभी कुछ सही नही दिखा सकती भाईयो लेकिन आप लोग आप दिखा सकते हो आपके जितने भी दोस्त है या ग्रुप है ये वीडियो हर ग्रुप और हर दोस्त को शेयर करे ताकि आपकी जो आज कर्नाटक में हो रहा है कल वो आपके सात ना हो प्लीज जादा से जादा शेयर करे इन सब बहनों की मदद करे ताकि इन सब को इंसाफ मिल सके 😥😥”

(Translation: This media can never show anything right, but you guys can show all your friends, share this video to every group and every friend so that what is happening in Karnataka today doesn’t happen with you tomorrow, please share more and more, help all these sisters so that all of them can get justice.)

(Source: WhatsApp/Screenshot)

The video along with the same claim is also being shared on Twitter.

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)                                                                                                     

FactO Check:

We fragmented the video into keyframes using the InVid verification tool. On conducting a reverse image search of the video, we came across a news report of The Lallantop published on Wednesday, 16 February. The report carries the same visuals as that of the viral video and it also has tweets embedded to it carrying the viral video.

According to The Lallantop, the video is from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh and 8-10 women were lathi-charged by the police when they were protesting over the ban on Hijab for the college-going student in Karnataka.

(Source: The Lallantop/Screenshot)

Hindustan Times has also tweeted that the video is from Ghaziabad and the women protestor were hit with sticks by police amid the protests against the Hijab ban.

The video of the Hindustan Times also carries the statement of Ghaziabad Police that there was no permission for the protest and the protestors were obstructing the police personnel on duty.



Therefore, it is evident that the video is of women protesting against Hijab curb in Uttar Pradesh.

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