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Video of woman attacking her cheating husband is shared with false communal angle

Written by Kaiz Shaikh

Indore: A video of women vandalizing a Milk Parlor and beating a man in broad daylight is viral on social media with a false claim. In the viral video, the woman in tears can be heard saying that her husband cheated on her, and he is already married to another woman and have two children.

Many Social Media users have shared the video with a claim which reads, “By lying, a Muslim man married a Hindu girl, but he was already married and turned out to be a father of two children.” (Archive)

Another Twitter user (@HinduSadhvi) posted the same video. The parody account in the name of  Pragya Thakur also shared the same caption along with Love Jihad narrative.

Neelkant Baksi, a BJP volunteer has also shared this video with a different caption. He’s questioning Javed Akhtar about the incident.

FactO Check

We did reverse image search of the key frames from the video, and our search led to a report from Dainik Bhaskar which says “मिल्क पार्लर में हंगामा:दो बच्चों के पिता ने झूठ बोलकर की शादी, युवती ने दुकान में पीटा, तोड़फोड़ भी की” (Ruckus at Milk Parlor: A married man with 2 kids, lied and married another woman. The protesting woman stormed into the parlor and vandalized it after she knew about her husband. ). According to the report published on 14 Oct 2020 in Dainik Bhaskar, We also found a video of women narrating her side of the story.

According to sources available on the internet, the incident occurred on Wednesday in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh, where a young woman created a ruckus and vandalized the Icecream/ milk parlor on Bholaram Ustad road, Indore. She alleged that the milk parlor operator married her, calling himself an orphan, lived together for three years, then left. When she tried to find his whereabouts, she came to know that he was already married and has two children.

According to Jagdish Malviya, ASI of Bhanvarkuan police station, the woman told that Anand Patil, a milk parlor operator living in Chhota Bangarada, married her in 2017 at Arya Samaj Mandir. In June, it was revealed that Anand is the father of two children with another woman. The police reached the spot and took them to the police station.

Conclusion: It was clarified by ASI that the man is identified as Anand Patil and the women are identified as Neha Patil. There is no communal narrative in the incident as claimed by some social media users. All the claims are false and misleading.

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