Videos and pictures of woman killed and body dumped in suitcase falsely shared with a communal spin

Written by Sahban
A video of a dead body stuffed in a suitcase is doing rounds on social media with a claim that a Muslim man killed a Hindu girl named Kajal.
Twitter user @ByRakeshSimha shared screengrab from video with a caption “Mohammed Gulsher of Haridwar killed a Hindu girl Kajal and stuffed her body in a suitcase. He committed the crime in a hotel and was walking out when he was caught by alert guests. Like other secular girls, Kajal had said, “My Gulsher is different.” Video below.” Archive | Twitter

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

Another Twitter user @AshutosSharma25 shared the tweet with a caption “Another lesson for those Hindu girls who see Abdul in their dreams. Gulsher Khan was going to throw girlfriend #Kajal’s dead body in Canal but caught with dead body in suitcase outside the hotel in #Uttarakhand.” Archive | Twitter

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

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FactO Check:
With a relevant keyword search on Google, we found two articles by Jagaran. The first article dated  24 Mar 2022 with a tittle “Uttarakhand Crime : शादी से इन्कार करने पर युवती की हत्‍या, सूटकेस में शव डालकर होटल से हो रहा था फरार” which roughly translates to Uttarakhand Crime: Woman killed for refusing to marry, body dumped in suitcase and was absconding from hotel 

(Source: Jagaran)

The second article dated  25 Mar 2022 with a title “Uttarakhand Crime : आठ साल से दोनों के बीच था प्‍यार, प्रेमिका ने किया इन्‍कार तो प्रेमी के सिर चढ़ा खून, कर दी हत्‍या” which roughly translates to Uttarakhand Crime: There was love between the two for eight years, the girlfriend refused, then the boyfriend murdered the girl.

(Source: Jagaran)

According to the reports, the lover killed the girlfriend after she refused to marry him. To dispose the dead body in Ganganahar, the accused was trying to escape from the hotel by stuffing the dead body in a suitcase. But due to the alertness of the hotel staff, he was caught.
The police has registered a case of murder on the accused Gulbej on based on the writing of the girl’s(Ramsa) father, Rashid. Police has sent the accused to jail.
From the above findings, it is evident that both the girl and the boy are Muslims and there is no communal angle. The above claims are misleading.
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