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Viral claim of Amul India firing over 1 lakh Muslim employees is fake

Written by Hritik Mishra

Social media is rife with the claim that the owner of Amul India company has sacked one lakh thirty-eight thousand Muslim employees from the job for contaminating the milk.

A Twitter user with handle name, @KrishnaAWATAR7, took to Twitter to share the same claim that reads; अमूल दूध के मालिक आनंद सेठ ने अपने फैक्ट्री से 1 लाख 38 हजार मुस्लिम लोगो को निकाला कहा देश मे थूक वाला जिहाद देख कर हम लोगो को गंदा दूध, दही, धी नहीं पिला खिला सकते।.(Translation – Anand Seth, owner of Amul Milk, expelled 1 lakh 38 thousand Muslim people from his factory and said that after seeing the spitting jihad in the country, we cannot feed people dirty milk, curd, and ghee.)Archive

More Twitter claims can be viewed here.

It is being shared on Facebook as well. Click here, here, here, and here to view more claims on Facebook.

Screenshot: Facebook

FactO Check :

We did a relevant keyword search to find any news report on the viral claim. However, we didn’t find any evidence that corroborates the viral claim. Also, Shamalbhai B Patel is working as the chairman of the company and Valamjibhai R Humbal is holding the position of Vice-Chairman in the organization.

Further, our team also personally contacted the Managing Director of the organization, Dr. RS Sodhi, who has dismissed all such claims and regarded them as baseless. He replied to us that the organization has in total 17,000 workers and has not sacked their employees in the last two years. He further added that Amul has employed people irrespective of any specific religion, geography, caste, and gender.

Conclusion – The claim that Anand Seth is the owner of Amul India is false. Also, the claim that Amul India has expelled one lakh thirty-eight thousand Muslim workers is a framed story and is completely fake.

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