Viral image of car stuck in a sinkhole is from Dwaraka region, Delhi

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An image of a car stuck in a sinkhole is widely shared across social media platforms with a  claim that the viral image is from Delhi’s Dwarka region.

Twitter account Kreately.in tweeted the image with a caption that reads in Hindi as, “केजरीवाल सड़क का विज्ञापन देते हैं करोड़ों का…और सड़क बनाते हैं कौड़ी की. द्वारका सेक्टर-18 में सड़क धंसने से i10 कार सड़क में धँसी.” (That translates in English as, “Kejriwal gives advertisements of roads worth crores and construct roads worth nothing. An i10 car went inside a sinkhole formed due to sinking of road at Dwarka sector 18.”

Source: Twitter/Screengrab

The tweet can be seen here and its archived version can be accessed here. See more Twitter claims here

Similar posts are also widely being shared on Facebook.

FactO Check:

After receiving several requests on our WhatsApp helpline, we did a fact-check and found the content to be true. On doing a reverse image search, we were led to the tweet by ANI with a statement quoting Delhi Police. Delhi Police said, “A car got stuck after a road caved in Dwarka’s Sector 18 due to incessant rain in the National Capital. It was later pulled out with the help of a crane. No injuries reported.

A short video of the accident was also posted by News 24 with a caption, “दिल्ली : द्वारका इलाके में सड़क पर दौडती कार अचानक जमीन में समाई…. कार में सवार पुलिसकर्मी बाल-बाल बचा”. (Delhi: A car running on the road in Dwarka area suddenly went submerged in the road. The policeman in the car narrowly escaped.)

We also found that the same image was tweeted by an RTI activist Rahul Gupta. The image was shared with the caption that reads, “After rain effect in Delhi. Road caved in at Atulya Chowk, Dwarka Sector 18, New Delhi and a car goes in the hole. Image/ message received on Whatsapp.

Hence, we can ascertain that the viral claim is true.


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