Viral image of the crowd offering prayer on road is from Bangladesh, not India

Written by Md Mahfooz Alam

An image of a huge crowd offering prayer on the road outside a red building is viral on social media.  The social media users claimed that the image is from India and have shared it with a communal undertone.

Facto News found that the image is from Dhaka, Bangladesh and the claim of it being from India utterly baseless.

A verified Twitter handle, Rakesh, who calls himself Newspaper editor and Nationalist writer has posted the image giving communal colour. The caption along with the image reads: यह मधुर सेक्युलर दृश्य केवल आपको भारत मे दिखाई देता है बाकी 56 मुश्लिम देशों में ऐसा करे तो जेल में डाल दिया जाता है, यह केवल टेस्टिंग है कब्जा करने की धैर्य की ताकि कितना दबाया जा सकता है।”

(Translation: This sweet secular scene only you see in India. If you do this in 56 Muslim countries, you are thrown in jail. This is just testing to capture your patience to know how much you can be exploited.)

(Source: Twitter/Screenshot)

The claim is viral on Twitter, an archive version of the same can be found here, here, here.

The claim along with the image is viral on Facebook also.

(Source: Facebook/Screenshot)

FactO Check: 

A reverse search of the image directed us to many similar images on the photo collection website Alamy of the people offering prayer on the road, outside the same red building. The location of the images is provided as Dhaka, Bangladesh.

(Source: Google reverse search/Screenshot)

Taking this cue, we found exactly the same viral image in an article written in Bangla on the website Barta24. The article confirms that the image is from Dhaka, Bangladesh and the name of the mosque is Sobhanbagh Jame Mosque.

The street view of the Sobhanbagh Jame Mosque available on Google Maps also carries the visuals same as the viral image.

(Source: Google Maps/ Screenshot)


Therefore, it is evident that the viral image is from Dhaka, Bangladesh and not from India.

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