Viral image of woman showing middle finger to Prime Minister Modi is Morphed

Written by Sahban

India has reached the milestone of administering 100 crore vaccine doses on Thursday. The ruling party leaders and several others have celebrated this milestone on social media.  Prime Minister Modi in a tweet said, “Today — October 21 — has been registered in history. The country has the protective shield of 100 crore doses to protect us from a once in a century pandemic”. PM Modi has visited Ram Manohar Lohia hospital to express gratitude to the front line workers and chatted with them. Now, an image of a woman showing middle finger supposedly to PM Modi, who can be seen waving and interacting with people on the other side of the glass door is being shared on social media.

A Twitter user @Amisha_Go shared the image with a caption that reads “Be the one,Who stands out tall in the crowd..”.An Archived version of the tweet can be found here.


Another twitter user @baburao__aapte shared the image with a caption that reads “मैं कड़ी निन्दा करता हूं इसकी” which translates “i strongly condemn this”.Archived version of the tweet can be found here.


Another Twitter user @Fisherman150871 shared the image with a caption that reads “ஏம்பா”இந்த போட்டோவே பண்ணிடாதீங்க” which translates “This photo is invaluable”.Archived version of the tweet can be found here.


Similar tweet can be found here.

The image was also shared on Facebook, a Facebook page Dr.Manmohan Singh – Fan Club shared the image, which has about 9k likes at the time of writing this article.


FactO check:

The image was first posted by News Agency ANI with a caption that reads “Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives a thumbs up to healthcare workers at Delhi’s RML Hospital today morning as India crosses one billion COVID19 vaccinations”. When zoomed, we found the woman was just waving her hand with a smile.



The image is morphed to show that the woman is showing her Middle finger to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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