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“Voting, Voting” chants in Pakistan’s parliament falsely reported as “Modi-Modi” by IndiaTV, Times Now and others

Pakistan: A video of opposition MPs shouting and interrupting the speech of their foreign minister in Pakistan’s Parliament is viral in India with false claims. Many Indian media outlets have falsely reported the incident that happened in Pakistan’s Parliament on 28th Oct 2020.

Rajat Sharma, the chief editor and chairman of India TV,  reported that Opposition in Pakistan’s Parliament chanted  “Modi, Modi” chants. India TV  from its official Twitter handle shared the video of Rajat Sharma’s report on the incident with a caption, “Exclusive: Why some MPs in Pakistan parliament shouted ‘Modi, Modi’ “.  Archived here

Times now has also published an article, “Pakistan Parliament reverberates with ‘Modi, Modi’ chants; Foreign Minister Qureshi lashes out in anger”.


Journalist and Editor of NewsNation, Deepak Chaurasia has also shared the viral video from his verified Twitter account with a caption, लो भाई पाकिस्तान की संसद में लगे मोदी-मोदी के नारे। अभी तो यह झांकी है लाहौर कराची बाक़ी है (Lo Bhai Modi-Modi slogans in Pakistan’s Parliament. It is now a tableau Lahore Karachi is due.). The tweet has garnered more than 2.4k retweets and 8k likes.

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, has also shared the viral video and claimed, “Modi has been transfused into Pakistan’s parliament… slowly it will run in their blood. After all, Pakistan ki roots to India mein hi hain. Ghar wapsi to hona hi ek na ek din. Wah Modi wah.” Vivek’s tweet was retweeted more than 600 times. Right-wing news portal  OpIndia also tweeted their article which claimed that MPs in Pakistan are chanting “Modi Modi” during a heated debate.

FactO Check

When we came across this video,  we tried to listen to the audio clearly. After repeatedly hearing the audio and the background noise, one can actually hear the MPs in Pakistan’s Parliament were not chanting “Modi, Modi”, instead, they were chanting “Voting-Voting“.

What actually happened?

According to an article (“NA unanimously adopts resolution against blasphemous sketches after noisy session”), published by Dawn, a Pakistan’s news portal, the National Assembly unanimously passed a resolution condemning the publication of blasphemous caricatures in France and the “resurgence of Islamophobic acts” in some countries, reported Dawn.

The ruckus started when the ruling party and opposition wanted to pass their own versions of resolutions condemning the blasphemous caricatures in France. When the foreign minister Qureshi started reading out the ruling party’s resolution, the opposition has started “Voting Voting” chants demanding to pass the resolution presented by the opposition.

Delhi based journalist Aditya Raj has also called the claim of India TV is false.

Conclusion: Upon repeatedly listening to the audio clip and confirming it from various sources, we can say that the chants by the opposition is “Voting voting”, but not “Modi Modi”. So the above claims by some popular news channels and journalists is found to be misleading and false.




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