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Kishore Panchal arrested by the crime branch in Gujarat is falsely shared as Siraj Mohd Anwar

Written by Md Mahfooz Alam

A video is being shared with the claim that the Bharuch Crime Branch arrested Siraj Mohd Anwar, a Delhi riot accused in a live operation. A group of men in civil clothes can be seen nabbing four persons in a filmy style from one table of the Dhaba. One of the persons can be seen carrying a pistol.

The post along with the video reads: “Live operation of Bharuch Crime Branch arresting mobsters from Delhi, whose name is Siraj Mohd Anwar n involved in Delhi riots. Upon tips, Bharuch Crime Branch nabbed him. Rare to see such footage. -1-“. (Archived)

(Photo Courtesy: Twitter/Screenshot)

The archived version of others sharing the video with the same claim can be viewed here and here.

Rahul Roshan CEO of right-wing news portal  OpIndia had also Quote tweeted the video with the caption: “Secular fabric Soiled”. 

(Photo Courtesy: Twitter/Screenshot)

A Facebook page Politics Solitics shared the video with the caption: “लाइव फुटेज दिल्ली दंगे में आरोपी सिराज मोहम्मद अनवर को क्राइम ब्रांच ने गुजरात से दबोचा” (Translation: Live footage Delhi riots accused Siraj Mohammad Anwar arrested by crime branch from Gujarat.) And at the time of writing this story, the video was viewed over 2,66,000 times.

(Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Screenshot)

The video with the same claim was shared by many users on Facebook too.

(Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Screenshot)

FactO Check:

Using InVID chrome extension, we broke the video into Keyframes and reverse searched some of the keyframe images. The result led us to an article published on 1 July by The Indian Express with the title: Cops in plain clothes nab armed accused from Gujarat dhaba. The article carries the viral video and according to the article, Crime Branch (DCB) arrested 29-year-old Kishore Panchal in Patan, Gujarat. Pancal is accused in multiple cases of armed loot and vehicle theft.

A senior official of Ahmedabad DCB said to Indian Express that they found his location using technical analysis. Panchal was arrested from Ekta restaurant in Amarpura village of the Patan city on the evening of 27 June. The police also informed the newspaper that the accused is wanted by ten Police stations in Ahmedabad, Banaskantha, and Rajasthan for cases of armed loot, vehicle theft, extortion, house break-in assault, and rape.

The Times of India also reported the same, according to the newspaper the accused is involved in 14 cases and was arrested along with three others as seen in the viral CCTV footage. Both the newspaper have reported police have seized a pistol, one magazine and five live cartridges from the Kishore and others. TOI also reported in 2019 PASA (Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Act) was slapped on him.

BOOM contacted DP Chudasama, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ahmedabad Crime Branch who confirmed them the accused seen in the viral video have no connection to the Delhi riots case.

Conclusion: The claim made about the viral video is false because the accused is not related to the Delhi riot.


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