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Facto News was founded with the help of a group of IT employees and Journalists who are passionate about bringing facts to the public. FactO News initially started off as a Facebook page doing quick fact checks, has seen users growing rapidly. In a very little time, we had converted into a fully functioning fact-checking website, and published our first Fact Check Article on 6th May 2020. We are a growing team and open to recruiting more fact-checkers and media monitoring volunteers in the future.

Meet Our Team:

Vamsi Vadranam (Chief Editor)

Vamsi Vadranam is the Co-founder of Facto News and helped build the organization. He is an Information and Communication Sciences graduate from Ball State University, USA and has experience in Business Intelligence and Media Analysis. He specializes in editing, research, writing, fact-checking, and introverting. When he is not working, he can be seen in a gym or in a coffee shop. Email: vv@factonews.co (Twitter/@VamcVadranam)

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Md Arsalan (Consulting Editor)

Md Arsalan is a Doctoral Candidate at the Department of Mass Communication, Aligarh Muslim University, and a freelance journalist with over 4 years of experience in journalism and reporting. He is also a founder of an online news channel Bytes Today and hosts interview shows. He works voluntarily with Facto News, he always motivates and guides the team with his expertise.  He does the first level of review of all the Fact checks articles written on our website. Email: fc@factonews.co (Twitter/@arsalanmd_)


Abdul M (Fact-Checker/Tech)

FactO News is the brainchild of Abdul. Along with his immense experience in the Information Technology field, Abdul is also a social media expert with over 11 years of experience, exploring and analyzing multiple social media platforms. With his impressive analytical skills, he writes fact-checks on political, government, and religious issues. If you are reading this on our website, it is he who makes sure the website is up and running always. He loves to play Tennis and bring more technical revolution to Facto News. He has developed a BOT (FactoBot) on a Twitter platform that replies fact-checks links to people who spread fake news. He is also the architect of the FACTO App which is under development. Email: abdul@factonews.co (Twitter/@Abdustaan)

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Haleem Ullah Fasihi (Fact-Checker)

Kaleem Ullah Fasihi is a PhD scholar at the Aligarh Muslim University and a journalist with over 3 years of experience. He is also the founder of local news website The Newster. He was associated with multiple reputed news organizations such as The Hindu, The Pioneer and Hindustan Times during his journalism course, giving him immaculate acumen in reporting and news editing. Email: kaleem@factonews.co (Twitter/@Hklmfasihi

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Md Mahfooz Alam (Fact Checker)

Mahfooz is a multimedia journalist and regularly writes fact-check stories for Facto News. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has worked as an intern fact-checker for The Quint. He specializes in research and fact-checking and aspires to do investigative reporting. He keeps a profound interest in History, Politics, Policy, and Governance. When he is not writing, he can be found scrolling Twitter or reading a book. Email: mahfooz@factonews.co (Twitter/@mahfooz_md)

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Khalid Sameer (Research Analyst)

Khalid Sameer is a young inquisitive known for translating projects, task visions, and objectives into reality. He completed his core studies including Bachelors & Masters in Mass Communication from Guru Jambeshwar University of Science & Technology along with 4 years advanced diploma in Journalism & could be easily spotted in television media debate shows while asking pointed questions from lawmakers he is equipped with hands-on experience of most prominent newsrooms of media including – BBC India, NDTV India, Newslaundry & Hungama Digital. He has completed Certification in Digital Journalism By Reuters and many more.

His area of expertise including digital content production, social media influencing tools, SEO management, content publishing & strategy, graphic designing, and video editing, media public relation, content quality audit & etc. Email: sameer@factonews.co (Twitter/@iKhalidSameer1)

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Hritik Mishra (Deskwriter)

Hritik Mishra is working as a fact-checker with Facto News who possesses the knowledge of preparing effective write-ups. A deep thinker with a flair for identifying and adopting trends and seeks to transcend his limits. He has the experience of working with Newslaundry for their editorial and research team. A strategic fact-checker with a positive mindset who loves to read books and editorials. Email: mishrahritik@factonews.co (Twitter/@HMishra1999

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Kaiz shaikh (Operation / Research)

Kaiz shaikh has Post Graduate Diploma in Operation with 7 years of experience in the tech field. He is currently Supporting FactO in operation and research department. His interest in busting fake news has led him to join FactO. He is one of the early adopters in FactO and his interest in politics, journalism, operations, and analytics is beyond par. He also writes fact checks occasionally when he gets free time from his day-to-day activity. (Twitter/ @Kaizshkh)

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Research Associate / Deskwriter: Mohammed Sahban

Sahban is our new contributor. He specializes in media monitoring, analysis and research. Email: sahbanzar@factonews.co (Twitter/@Sahbanzar

Are you passionate to ‘Bring Facts’ to the world and got critical thinking? You could be the next on this list. Send your CV to contact@factonews.co .