Who are the people featured on Dettol Pack? Know more about the #DettolSalutes campaign here

Written by Abdul M

Images of customized Dettol liquid hand wash virtual packs, where the logo was replaced with personalized images are going viral across social media. Social media users are sharing the Dettol virtual packs thanking Dettol for featuring them on its ‘Our Protector’ pack. We received a request on WhatsApp to verify the post shared by Vinay Dubey. His post has received over 27K likes and shared by 1000 people. It was shared with the hashtag #ThankYouDettolIndia.

Many social media users on Facebook and Twitter are sharing these customized virtual packs thanking Dettol India. Find here Twitter,  Facebook

FactO Check:

According to the CampaignIndia website, Dettol India launched a campaign called #DettolSalutes to pay tributes to Covid-19 warriors. Dettol India has removed its logo from the pack and replaced it with the image of Covid Protector along with their story. Dettol India has curated 100 such stories from India and carried them on its liquid hand wash packs. Dr Rushabh Turakia, received a Dettol liquid handwash pack with his image and story featured on it. The liquid handwash pack carries a serial number too.

However, Dettol India has also launched a website to allow people across the country to share their stories by creating customized virtual packs and sharing it on their social media platforms. The customized virtual pack comes with a personalized photo, name, and a pre-defined message selected from the dropdown. We visited the website and generated a virtual pack for Our Facto News in less than a minute. Once you accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, you are asked to enter name and select any message out of 3 predefined messages. Followed by a photo update, your Dettol Pack is ready to share on social media.

Here is the difference between virtually customized Dettol Pack and physical pack which is available in the Market. The latter has a serial number under Dettol logo and features a unique story, whereas the customized virtual pack has only 3 options to pick from.




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