About Us

FACTO™ is a registered trademark of our parent company, Trademark registered with the trademark registry of India under the Trademark act 1999. FactO News is an independent fact-checking platform committed to fighting misinformation/disinformation, false and fake news that we come across social media and mainstream media. We provide our readers with verified facts and educate them on issues that focus on but not limited to political, communal, and social aspects.

Facto News was founded by a group of IT employees and Journalists who are passionate about bringing facts to the public. We spend most of our time on  social media channels and monitor viral claims and fake news for you. We are a growing team, and open for recruiting fact-checkers and media monitoring volunteers.

We receive claims from our users through WhatsApp, Telegram, and our social media channels for fact-checking.

Facto News is presently available in English and Hindi languages. Facto News is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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