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No, PM Modi was not shown ‘Go Back Modi’ placard in Bali, viral post is edited

No, PM Modi Was Not Shown 'Go Back Modi' Placard in Bali, Viral Post is Edited

An image of a girl holding a placard that reads “Go back Modi… again Go back Modi”, claiming it to be from Bali, Indonesia is viral and  shared in the context of G20 summit that was held in Indonesia.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other G20 leaders recently were in Bali to take part in the session on Food and Energy Security at the 17th G20 leaders Summit.

Here is the screenshot of the viral post.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bali

Pic Source: Twitter

On Twitter, the post has received over 18,000 likes and 3,000 retweets. Similar posts can be seen here, here and here.

FactO Check

In order to verify the validity of the viral post, we used a reverse image search, and the results led us to the original picture tweeted by Wajahat Ali. The original picture had nothing to do with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bali.

The original tweet was from July 1, 2022. The tweet read, “This lady has been holding this sign at the middle of the intersection, stone cold, not a word uttered. I still think the country is underestimating the anger of women and Gen Z. They won’t take this sitting down. They won’t go back.”

A screenshot of the Tweet is attached below:

No, PM Modi Was Not Shown 'Go Back Modi' Placard in Bali, Viral Post is Edited

Source: Wajahat Ali/Twitter

On the other hand, we found a whole different message on the placard. The placard read, “Democrats and independents must unite to vote out Republicans. Vote blue this November. Paid for by concerned citizen.”

The placard mentions “November elections,” in reference to the recent midterm elections in the United States, which were held on November 8. It also talks about the Democratic Party and the Republican Party of the United States.


In our investigation, we found that an old photograph about the US midterm elections was edited and texts are superimposed in order to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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