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Old image from Yemen falsely shared as armed Taliban going through a security check at Kabul airport

Written by Sahban

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, several unrelated old images from different parts of the world and a plethora of misinformation has stormed the Internet. Many users have been sharing misinformation in context with the present situation in Afghanistan. Now, an image of a soldier doing a security check of a man who is armed is viral as  it is from a security check post at Kabul airport.

The image is viral on both Twitter and Facebook with same claim. Chief Sub Editor of The Lallantop Abhishek Kumar shared the image with a caption that reads ‘#afghanistan एयरपोर्ट पर सिक्योरिटी चेक की मनोरम तस्वीर.. मतलब एपिक है ये..!’ Archived version of this tweet can be found here.

Source: Twitter/Screenshot

A Twitter user Satya Arya tweeted the image with a caption that reads ‘You might be a terrorist, but still you have to ho through the mandatory security checks at #kabulairport
#Afghanistan’. Archived version of the tweet can be found here.

Source: Twitter/Screenshot

Find more claims here:

Source: Twitter/Screenshot

A Facebook account Rami jartuk posted the image with a caption that reads ‘Security check at Kabul Airport 😂’

Source: Facebook/Screenshot

Another Facebook account Abhimanyu zucced posted the image with a caption that reads ‘Security check at kabul airport’

Source: Facebook/Screenshot

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FactO check:

A reverse image search of the viral image  directed us to a tweet by a user  ‘yemenfelix1′. The account belongs to Amjad Tadros, journalist and Middle East Producer for CBS News. Amjad tweeted the image with a caption that reads ‘Memories from #yemen: Houthi soldier searching a man going into a rally: Qat, daggers & machine guns allowed!’ , dated 1 July 2015.

Going through his Twitter profile we came to know that he was with Clarissa Ward,  who is a foreign news correspondent with CBS news then. Clarissa Ward was reporting from the ground on the humanitarian crisis facing Yemen at that time.

We also found a video by CBS News Evening on YouTube. At 1:24, in the video we can see people checking other people carrying guns.


The image is not from Kabul, Afghanistan but from Sana, Yemen and from 2015. So the claim of it being from Kabul airport security check is misleading and false.

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